Collaboration for Growth ...on the BRINK of Development
Tove Brink
Tlf.: 74 63 26 60
Fax: 74 63 26 62


Do you have a business case within the below issues?

  • Do you know your customers' needs?
  • Have you identified the innovative profitable growth opportunities within your industry?
  • Are the competences in your company at prime for mastering future challenges?
  • Do you have the optimal organisational configuration to support your strategy?

Brink Development can help you to

  • Segment the market
  • Setting direction for profitable growth
  • Setting the scene for execution
  • Improve organisational and individual learning
  • Uncover personal profiles and team preferences
  • Develop Cross Cultural Training
  • Develop your business and specify in business plans for investment and/or for specific execution
  • Uncover organisational misfits